Brain Injury Awareness Month

Brain Injury Awareness Month

I know March is brain injury month but in my reality I do not know. I only find this out when I see the green flag the banner which says MARCH-BRAIN INJURY MONTH. The trigger then is pulled oh I have a brain injury yay I can celebrate my month. How many people that I know personally have month awareness for them no one? I do have many friends on Face Book many which suffer from their own injury each and every brain injury is different.

I went for a walk this AM a walk to the doctor to get my new script for my chronic medication a few kilometers later I reach the doc. Dr Dave. A few kilometers I recon six or eight then I must walk home again. This has been the great part of my day so far I just love walking. I get to the Dr and the gate is closed so I sit outside about an hour later the gate opens. It is the secretary she has been here all along crap. All I had to do was ring the bell. Dr Dave is not in until Wednesday so there goes that idea walk back home. My phone is not working too well the battery is a bit broken I have a power pack so this comes along with me. Oops I forgot I was running it flat to see how long its actual life span is. I need my phone as Ange has to be able to call me every so often just to check that I am ok and I am not actually walking to Durban.

I get home and Ange is really upset she could not get hold of me… sorry my love.

Having a brain injury is difficult not for me but for my wife so now I ask all of you that know me please give my amazing wife a call and just ask her if you can do anything for her as Ange hurts so much more than I do. Well to all those who have a brain injury be strong everything will be okay.

I am Bevan I have a brain injury I have a TBI I am a proud man and I am strong.

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