A Long Time Ago

A Long Time Ago

It took a while to get out, I had fallen hard and far I had fallen into the abyss. I did not know of this mysterious place it was quiet and still so still oh so very still. The quiet breeze which constantly blew upon my now cold face became painful. The breeze was now eerie and dark when I first fell the breeze was nice the cool soft air felt as it was almost a soothing massage. This cooled down my entire body for I was about to explode just before I had fallen.

Perhaps I had not fallen at all but was pushed or forced into this abyss. No matter how I got into this dark, cold hole I was now here and I had to get out whatever it took. My subconscious had now taken over for I was too weak to think, concentrate even to breath. Now I felt as if my heart had stopped beating there were warm spikes pushing hard and constant against my chest. What on earth was going on and why are those spikes trying to pierce through my cold body-why?

Suddenly as speedily as I had found myself here I saw light I could now breathe freely once again and those painful spikes had not managed to break my skin they had mysteriously disappeared. As I woke my subconscious smiled then left my cold body and was gone as soon as leaving my body again warmed. I opened my eyes I could not understand what all these tubes and pipes were doing attached to various parts on my body why I thought- why? I then faded once again I was back in the abyss, shocked and frightened I was confused and scared the dark abyss had now changed I knew it was that same place though for I could feel it in my bones. The great change was that of loud mysterious noises almost alarm sounds, many of them beeping and twirling around my brain. My brain was now no longer inside me it was floating just above me wow I thought was this my new reality?

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