Simple Really

Life- Simple Really

As one drops a tennis ball from an out stretched arm so it will fall to the ground- well actually it is trying to get to the centre of the earth. A river will find the simplest path and will only flow downhill. Darkness brings in the cold and we can no longer see further than a few feet with no light. Well logical really for the sun is on the other side of the earth and so it cuts out the light but actually the earth is spinning around the sun so I guess that is called education. I wonder how long it actually took humans to understand this. Yes people will say it was Galileo but they are wrong the first known human to do this was Tycho Brahe in about 1572. But actually it was millions of years before when this was first discovered.

How do I know who discovered this or how do I know that in fact it was millions of years ago? Well allow me to give a simple explanation of the first answer the second will take some time but I shall  be brief. Simple really it is Google who told me- he he it literally took a minute and I had the answer well I had no clue who Galileo was or is either but apparently I learned about him in school. Google has truly brought the world closer I recon a young mind could learn anything with Google who needs a classroom in any way. This is not true for a school environment teaches us about life about friendships, trust and… I could go on for a day on the benefits of school. As we grow we learn we understand we become knowledgeable we figure out about us and life as we know it. I have a TBI which in its simple form is just an injury but a great injury the greatest but like all injured parts of our body it heals. My injury has taken away my classroom has taken away many of the memories of my life, my education my knowledge of life. I am extremely privileged though for now I learn about life again and I learn what I want to learn also I know the answer to my first explanation too. I know the answer but I am pretty sure most will just laugh and will call the authorities.

Whilst in my coma I had visitors it was the first humans- our real forefathers they do not live here anymore but they are alive. They do not experience time the way we do so they will never age further than the age they were when they left the planet to explore our world. I have been invited to travel with them to then live a long, long life I just need to let them know when I am ready. They were the first humans to discover how the earth works they know so much more than we do.

Simple really…  




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