Love Like a Good Bath Needs Warmth

Love like a good bath needs Warmth

Just like an amazing hot bath after a long day so is love. Today was a tough day your whole body is hurting and now feelings of joy fill your mind. What you are about to experience after this gruelling day is that amazing bath.  You open the hot and cold taps the two now meet up and become one bonding as if they were meant to be together creating the perfect temperature. Lying in the bath now is amazing you have been there for a while your body is feeling great and your mind is still in heaven it has forgotten about that terrible day. The bubbles are relaxing and light as if the weight of the day has been lifted. After a while the water gets cold it’s time to open the hot water to get back that perfect temperature.

Oh crap there is no more hot water you have just remembered the geyser has a problem and you have been putting off the repairs as life just got in the way. The perfect bath is now cold and has been spoiled a simple task of getting the geyser repaired has now ruined everything. The plug gets pulled and the water disappears just like that it is over. All that is left are the dirty bubbles which could not get out, now an eye sore picture which should have been great stays in your mind as you try getting to sleep but you cannot.

Love is the same if you do not look after the smaller, out of sight problems the great love you once had just disappears down the plug and the rest of your dreams of the perfect bond is gone just like that. All that remains now are bits of a memory a waste which only you screwed up. Damn why did I not fix the problem when I still had the time to.

A perfect partner like a perfect bath is out there but if you do not pay attention to the smaller bits that perfect partner will disappear just as the once warm water did. Look after the bits fix them enjoy that perfect moment and make it last forever it is worth it.


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