Dear Death

Dear Death

You tried to take me but could not I know you will try again and when you do I will fight harder I will not lie down and give you that pleasure just yet. If it is your only one duty to take me before you can move on in further tasks just know that I will not be taken soon. Your speedily task may take a while you tried before but failed. I will be stronger I do not care for your mission if your mission is just that to take me. Perhaps you should reconsider if this is indeed your one task for you shall be denied my soul.

I do not threaten or judge you in any manner I just have a life to live a life which is going to be extremely difficult for your taking. I do not know of your powers nor do I care for them for I am not afraid of you or afraid of dying. As I lay still for a couple of months, deep in my own world you tried over and over to take me you put me there to weaken me but once again you failed. Even in my weakened moment I was stronger than what you had expected. Whilst there I passed into your realm to face you to ask why? I did not see you there was this because you were confused and did not expect this? Was this because it was in fact not my time?

I am not finished with this life just yet for you now know this too well I do ask you to allow me to continue with my journey and to leave my loved ones alone. You have taken my dearest mom so now go on your way. Once again I do not write this letter to you as a temptation or a challenge I just ask that you try to understand that I am strong and will fight. You have indeed taught me a great lesson and for this I am grateful.





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