Dear Time

Dear Time

The time I have had here is your doing and as you gave it so you shall take it. I do not understand the depth off your logic too often but I accept it so I write this letter to you as an appreciation of how much you have given me and perhaps in another life you shall offer your gift once again.

My life here in this realm has been good I have always tried to enjoy each and every opportunity I have whilst I am alive. In recent times I was knocked down knocked down hard. As I lay quiet and still in another world you gave me another chance to live and so I took it with both arms wide open.

I now would like to ask a favour of you; please give me more of your precious gift I shall use it wisely and I shall try my best to appreciate each and every moment I have here. I do realise I have taken much for granted I have in my past not stopped too often, slowed down and thought of those close to me just taken some time out to enjoy my and their life in its fullest. I now have made a conscious decision; that is to do this more often and to give more to others.

In my life I have loved I have been good and I have cared for others, now in my new life I am going to love harder, be even better and care more. This way I will be showing you that I add value to others also I can help so many more I shall live my life to the fullest. So now father time I do not and will not beg you for a lengthy life but I do ask for one I do understand the value of life and I shall never again take it for granted.

Thank you once again for the precious time you allowed me to enjoy.


Yours truly


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