Dear Time, Love and Death- My Version

Time, Love, Death

 I recently watched a section of the Graham Norton show when I say a section I mean five minutes for television just bores me. So I sit down and see Will smith being interviewed on his most recent movie I guess. All I get from this is that he writes a letter to Love, Time and Death. Apparently his daughter dies and he is now broken and would like to understand why she has been taken from him.

I walk out the room and write the heading; Dear time. I begin to now write a letter to time from me

I do this as I am touched by these three headings in my mind they are three most amazing parts of us being alive for however long. Whilst living love in my eyes is one of the greatest feelings we carry. My sensation of feelings has generally been placed deep in the abyss along with most of my long term memory as well as most of the old Bevan. There is however two feelings I do hold close and most of the time I understand them. These are that of love and the other is that great difficult one which cuts me down in a split second and once it is there I have no power to tame or chase it away from where it came. This is that of anger it comes before I understand or feel it as it gets there it is violent and has no pity for whomever is within my space at that time are destroyed. When I say destroyed I mean verbally I am not a violent man although I have been told that I once threw the vacuum cleaner across the lounge and our lounge is connected to both the kitchen and music room. It is quite a distance I call these emotional outbursts atom bombs.

I do understand love it surrounds me and gives me so much it drives me to always be a better man I do know that as I sit amongst strangers in the taxi I hand out my love in heaps and bounds. I see and feel this, I see all the passengers taking in my good spirit and love. In a way love keeps me safe and allows me to connect to others it breaks down the hardest man in a split second.

I will share my letters perhaps if I remember I will watch the actual movie.

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