Dear Love

Dear Love

I am Bevan Oschger my life to me and others is special. To you it must be special too for love is the greatest emotion I hold. In me there is love so much love I now write this letter to you knowing that you shall receive it and shall understand my deepest feelings which I now place gently upon this page. There will be no send back to sender stamp applied for I do know I shall not be receiving this letter back as a failure on your part to read with great understanding and emotional feelings which I hold deep in my heart.

I now wish first of all to thank you for all the love you have provided in my life. This letter though is focused more on those that have loved and do love me. I am asking you a great favor or perhaps it is a request. I understand the true value of love I know that there is a feeling deep inside all of us which we feel as we give love, this feeling is the feeling we receive as we feel love being returned to us. My request it that you keep providing me with this gift for the rest of the time in which I have here for I cherish it and would like others to feel my love so they too my cherish it more. Perhaps then they shall hand it out more freely as I do. In our world there is a shortage of love a shortage of deep feelings for others and ourselves so in giving the chance to me I may share and give this gift to as many as I can. Whilst doing this I shall create a softer environment a better place, love shall conquer that of hate and violence for love is the most powerful gift we have.

TBI is not a disability for I turn it around and it now brings love in for I allow it to. TBI cannot break love for love conquers all.

Lots of love


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