So Close but So Far Away

So Close but So Far Away

I wonder what it would feel like for two lovers to spend a couple of month’s together right at each other’s side but only one of the lovers talks the other does not even listen. They are both madly in love with each other but the more the one talks the more it falls upon deaf ears. I say this and so it seems that the two of them are at a difficult stage in their relationship as it could be that they have issues and are now not Seeing Eye to eye. So then why would only one of the lovers be talking for two months wow they must be at war with each other?

Well this is not the case for one of the lovers is not here anymore; he is laying eyes closed deep in another world he is in a coma. He has been there for over a month now and still there is no sign of life not even any kind of movement no response nothing. The loved one was indeed me I did not speak but I was there and deep within me I was conscious I was alive but yes as it would seem unresponsive. Unresponsive yes but there was one small sign of life one trickle of hope one piece which held Ange to my side night after night, day after day.

I know this for Ange has told me that now and again as she spoke the tears would run freely down my cheeks. So what now what was actually going on? I have no clue but as time goes by now once I am relieved from my abyss I hear of the tragic and depressing time my beautiful wife had to go through as I lay asleep far, far away from this world.

Ange was not leaving me she would not sign the continuous flow of paper work which was thrown at her day after day. We have to make a decision they told her. Your husband is slipping away his body is rejecting the supply of life we are trying to give him. Your husband’s mind is going the odds of him waking and being normal if he does wake is slim.  Ange responds those machines are not being turned off and I will take my husband in whichever way he is once he wakes. And so I wake and I talk and I see I know nothing but I am there, I bring along a lifetime companion TBI. In time my brain does what no specialist expected it finds new pathways and continues to grow and relearn about life.

Thank you Ange you believed in me you were at my side each and every day through those difficult times.

I love you.


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