Old friends Reunite- Enjoy the Moment

Friends enjoying  beauty

I just spoke to my dad and as he spoke I heard an excitement in his voice… I then wondered before he eventually told me of his excitement what is going on? I knew there was something I know straight away as my mom knew when there was something up with me I now know when my dad is up to no good.

I do say no good in the best of senses no good in my eyes means something exciting and awesome.

So my dad then tells me that his great friend Jerry is there to visit, wow I know this is going to be a great time for my dad and I know it will be great for Jerry too for he ventured out on the six hour drive to get to see his old buddy. The two of them are so privileged to have such a great friendship. All of their friends that read this I know will be jealous not of their friendship but where they are right now in this moment. I know I am for I would love to sit where they sit right now and to be able to stare out at the Northern Drakensberg across the Lowveld bush perhaps watch an elephant or ten drinking from the dam not thirty meters away.

Well dad and Jerry enjoy this moment and enjoy the OBS which I am sure will flow freely in a few hours from now. If the OBS is already flowing this is just fine for celebrating a friendship is a privilege and it should in anyway be done more often. When good friends unite nobody can take that away oh and Jerry just because Thomas is a good friend tell him to get up and get drinks when it is his turn. He has been hurt but he is alive and kicking and he needs to get the exercise to get better. If you read this too dad yes that was just a scolding from your first born son and yes I love you dearly enjoy you two.

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