Free Like a Bird

Free Like a Bird

All of us at one point in our lives have followed the freestyle pattern of a bird floating above in the skies and wondered how amazing it would be to be that bird floating freely high above out of reach of anything, Untouchable  and unafraid.

I am that I am free and unafraid I am as I have given up the stress we all just place unwittingly upon our shoulders. I have now been given a new chance in life, a fresh start I can now be that bird which I have always wanted to be. Anyone can be whatever they want to be they must just cut loose of the straps which bind them down. By the way those straps which bind us securely to one place have been placed there by one person that one person is our own self.

I understand I do not work anymore well that’s not my choice and let me just say to not be able to work is a negative part of life not a positive. ‘Love what you do-do what you love’. I know what you are all thinking blah, blah, blah Bevan easier said than done. I do understand this but let me just ask one question how long will it take a person that hates what they do to give that up and to do something they would love to do? Yes we all think of this but it’s not too often that we follow through for there are always obstructions blocking the road. There are so many implications, what about my car what about my expenses I need… blah, blah, blah right back at you. If you give up that shitty job and start on what  you really would like to do before you know it you will be doing just that and you will be happy with life. If you wait one day you will look in the mirror, you will see the aged person staring back and saying why did you not listen to me I pleaded with you for so long look now you are old and grey… now what?

DO WHAT YOU LOVE…LOVE WHAT YOU DO be that bird before it flies away.


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