Disappointments, Highs, Lows and Strange Changes

Disappointments, Highs, Lows and Strange Changes

The End

As I lay in bed next to Ange the clock ticked over to 2 bells in the AM, yet again I lie and look deep into the dark of the night. I then wonder imagine all the life that lives in the dark- like the earth just 1 millionth the size of an atom in comparison to the universe there must be so much life we are unaware of… Yet again I stray off topic.

I then think of this series of Blogs and I say to myself; everyone gets the idea there are so many changes in my life and yes many lows and disappointments. I can carry on for a year on this topic but I won’t I have changed I know that and in reality I am not disappointed about all these strange changes. I am elated of the fact that I was strong enough to overcome my accident, strong enough to survive I have TBI and that will not change ever it is what it is and it is okay for I am alive. As I lay quietly in the dark I feel a negative flow of feelings creeping along my spine I cannot go on about this so now I put a stop to feeling sorry for myself. I will continue to write of me and life I will for I enjoy this and I love life besides a change in one’s daily routine is a good thing all be it this great life changing event forced upon me it is okay. Now I would like to say thank you to all for following me I get great joy when I see my progress and see that I am reaching twenty thousand hits on my blog. Please continue reading for there is plenty of great stories to come I shall reach out into the darkness and allow them to creep up my spine. I shall continue on my journey in showing ordinary people that those living with this great injury TBI is just that an injury not a disease. I am a spokesperson for TBI and I am strong. I hope reading my blog will bring great pleasure or some kind of interest. I now look forward to my first book being released hopefully this year. Peace out (thanks for that Austin Powers).


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