Disappointments, Highs, Lows and Strange Moments

Disappointments, Highs, lows and Strange Changes

Part… um um oh part four- memory

WARNING plenty swearing in this part due to frustration!!!!!

Shit, shit, shitty shitty shit shit!!!!!!!! Where did I leave my glasses? Within 30 seconds they’re gone. When I work on my computer this is about the only time I will put on my reading glasses I get up to do whatever I thought of doing get back and they are gone. I forgot where I put them; I should just leave them on the computer but no. I just forget to do this. So now it’s a half an hour search of the entire house, once I lost them for a week!

Why is the kitchen smoking like that? Oh fuck! That’s what I wanted to do when I stood up from my computer. Turn off the stove I was making lunch now its crispy black whatever it was. Oh well I don’t have taste so I just eat it in anyway. These moments are a definite low in my life also a strange change and a disappointing time. Well it only lasts a few moments for when I have found my glasses I have forgotten what has happened in that last disappointing few hours.

Imagine I got a job and started working wherever it was; ‘Bevan did you do the… I asked you to do’ what huh you never asked me to do that. I’m sorry Bevan we just can’t go on like this ‘you’re fired. Well that one lasted a week. I guess this is just the way it is for now.

One of the major problems TBI injured people have is depression they tend to end their life- just cannot handle the day to day issues and there are many. For me though there is no depression well maybe there is but once I get depressed two minutes later I have just forgotten about that issue and all is just fine. Well on a serious note I love life I love who I am and I am going nowhere.

There’s one door swinging closed there’s another opening up… and so it goes.

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