Disappointments, Highs, Lows and Strange Changes

Disappointments, Highs, Lows and Strange Changes

Part Three Coordination

I took up smoking as it gave me some kind of taste and a feeling of some sorts something new to me I was so disappointed at the way I struggled to light a cigarette. Matches were the disappointment they would just never light out of five matches or so would I eventually come right. Grr I was so upset at the quality perhaps they did this so a person would have to buy matches more often thus creating a profit for the king of the jungle brand matches… ROAR! I should buy lighters but they too have their problems…perhaps it’s just my lack of coordination or my damaged right arm.

I cannot drive any more for I have very little peripheral vision and the lack of understanding how to really drive is a mixed feeling firstly a low in my life for I cannot quickly go somewhere also a great high for I began to run… run forest run. I run and run and run and I enjoy it. Also now I use public transport I get into a taxi and I meet new people every time I catch a taxi it is a new adventure a new day a new way. I have a t- shirt I made with a saying ‘everything is okay I have found a way.’

I cannot sit around and feel sorry for myself I must get up and do. Forget about the matches’ or the loss of my coordination just find another way or just give up smoking. I guess the lack of coordination is just fine I do find ways to overcome this it just pushes me more to do a task better. I now buy the super long large matches which works well as I don’t feel I will give up smoking too soon… now where did I put those freaking matches. Perhaps a lighter with a luminous glow to it or a squeal from it as I whistle would do just fine I may even become an inventor who knows well tomorrow I would have forgotten about this thought anyway so all is just fine even with my co-ord limitations.

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