Disappointments,Highs, Lows and Strange Changes

Disappointments, Highs, Lows and Strange Changes


Part Two- Friends

Once I wake from my coma the neuro specialist describes my TBI in the following manner; he talks softly and says the best way I can explain is that you are now a forty seven year old man with a brain of an infant. What I think is this man crazy how does he know this? The fact of the matter is that he is correct. Here comes one of my great highs what! You ask have I got a screw lose. Actually I can now start my life over I have to learn about life and my friends and family. For me this was a chance to live my life the way I wanted to I could now do well and help others. Google would be my companion and great friend. Google this Google that, who needs school I can find or learn anything with Google at my side.

After a while I had to go up to my parents to stay for a week. This would be one of my great lows for I never knew of my parents. These were the people who gave me life but I had to now discover who they were. Most of my week there I would cry all day and night cry for a place which I once belonged. Eventually my wife and I would be back together now I was safe and I no longer cried. Once again I would be as high as a kite just by being at Anges side so great.

We all have a place where home is a place where we can go when we are sad or lost or a place for comfort and joy I never had this for a long time my place of safety was lost. I felt disappointed and low for a long time. I did have a home and a place of safety this was with Ange this was where ever we were that was home. My other home and my place of safety would become my rehabilitation center; this is where all my new friends were. New friends for all my old long term friends were gone who wants to be friends with a guy that has TBI in any way this was a disappointment. I did have a few friends that took my injury the way that I am now and they accepted me for who I was; Jason and Trent, the Jean Jeanie and Jem are there for me now a great high for me a great pillar of strength. My greatest high is most definitely my wife Ange she has stood by me every second of every day picking up Humpty Dumpty and putting him back together again day after day, my greatest friend, companion and love- Ange.

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