Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

My first blog in three weeks or so I have been up at my dad helping him to heal from a hip replacement. No Wi-Fi no signal coverage no nothing. So here we come be ready for an avalanche of stories.

I must say though I have for the last two and a half years had to have people take care of me. My amazing wife has had to put on the caregiver hat to look after and help her husband get through his TBI. Now I get to pay it back a bit by looking after him in his time of need. I know that I do not work so people say but you can go up as you do not work. Well this is true but in fact I gave up my rehabilitation, Bio kinetics, speech therapy, occupational therapy, neuro psychology. I gave up my running with Achilles running club which has great plans for me now that is on hold, my monthly check up a cat scan (which has been postponed). Time with my wife who is already under great pressure s yes I do not work but I gave up plenty but it was so worth it for I have one dad and he is important to me.

My dad is not good but with my help he will be okay so I shall be getting up to check on him every two weeks or so. I just need to arrange funds to pay for the taxi which I know I can do. I just have to.

I have written many stories which I hope all who read them will enjoy the read. It is good to be back and I am so proud of my wife she is and will always be my rock star. Thank you Ange for who you are for all the support you give me and have supported my dad in his time of need. Thank you all that read my blog I am over fifteen thousand hits now soon I may be able to get funding from this and it is from all your support. I am a TBI survivor I am a spokesman for TBI and I will need your support for funding for my mission that is to help others. I will be starting a new fund raising account through Back a Buddy please support and open your wallets just a small amount from many can help others to overcome this devastating injury.

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