Disappointments, Highs, Lows and Strange Changes

Disappointments, Highs, Lows and strange Changes

Part one

Funny how the world can change in a blink of an eye; one moment I was sitting with my parents at a family Hoedspruit restaurant eating pizza and enjoying the time I had with my beautiful mom and tough dad.  An hour later I would be lying on the side of the road bleeding profusely from a hole in my head the size of an orange. My parents had not even gotten home when my accident took place. They were probably still chatting as they got back to the farm about their afternoon lunch and how great it was to see Bevan. Only many hours later would they get that phone call as I was knocked off the side of the road and l lay dying just out of the view of passing motorists. My amazing wife Ange got that horrific call first; he’s alive but unresponsive was those cold words. Hi mom says my beautiful Wife ‘Bevan has been involved in a hit and run’ you need to get to him ASAP. WHAT! That can’t be we were just with him this afternoon says mom.

My story is not about the one clear memory I have of my entire life which I remember that being of my mom’s amazing smile that sad and lonely day. This story is about the changes that took place once I had woken from my two month coma. It felt as if I had just woken from a night sleep I thought the hospital was our home. I thought all was normal and why should I know any better for I had lost all the memories in my life. Just like that in the blink of an eye… I was now a new man the other person had vanished he never existed in any way. I was just me as I found me the man who woke up after a night’s sleep in the Oliver Tambo Trauma ward at the Milpark hospital in Johannesburg.  A strange place to wake up I must admit but that was how my reality was…a stranger in a strange place all alone but yet content and at peace. I did not understand much in fact very little did not even know of my home. This would not be strange only a year later would I understand that I was broken and damaged goods. This now felt extremely strange but I also felt a great high for I was alive.


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