TBI Strong

TBI Strong

Lying here on my newly made hammock in the Lowveld bush on the farm Drakensig I am feeling good. I have TBI and people say I am not all there or as I put it my lift doesn’t go all the way to the top floor. I do joke about this it is the easiest way for me as people just don’t really understand. This is just okay as I am with my father and all is good. I am here to take care of him for a few weeks or as long as it takes to get him strong again after a successful hip transplant. Actually we will take care of each other. My dad has got more new parts in him than anyone I know of but I have a broken brain and he has broken body parts so we complement each other… strange how life seems to work out.

I do have one sad issue that is that I am away from the love of my life but we do video chat and talk often which is nice. Actually not ‘nice’, very special l as my wife would say “your mom is nice”… Ange hates that well then special it is. So here we are my father and I on a Monday morning and all seems good. My dad has gotten through the weekend- the first few days after the operation which is the most testing time and he is good- sore but good. Pills have been taken and I have instructed him to do exercise…He, HE I have given my dad instructions I love this. You see a son with a TBI can take care of his father just like my son took care of me when I needed him to actually without even asking he was there.

Annie-louisa is a friend of my dad, Annie came to visit on Sunday apologising as she walks in ‘sorry to barge in but I had to see how your father is doing?’ What a nice surprise two glasses of wine later and lots of chatting Annie – louisa packs up and is off to her spot a kilometre down at the river. There is a small community here at Parsons great people in a great place amongst the wild animals. I love this place it is close to my heart I am enjoying being able to take cae of someone else…for a change.

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