A Time to Remember

A time to Remenber

Lying here on my hammock amongst the wild animals on the farm with my view of the water hole just a stone’s throw away is an amazing feeling. Far in the back ground the northern Drakensberg reaches into the clouded blanket. Today is Monday and for the first time in two odd years I didn’t have the Monday blues. My dad is doing well he struggles to get around and I have to help him with a few difficult tasks such as into the shower. Otherwise he is healing well; we will be back at the doc on Wednesday just to check on all the bits and pieces.

I have also been given the task of driving within the farm to do the odd jobs which is just fine as this is the first time I have driven on my own. My dad cannot drive yet in fact he hasn’t left the house as his walker needs a level floor to operate in safety. Well this is the reason I am here just to help out where I can. A short drive away there is an old round constructed dam where a family of Meercat have settled in I shall venture down there later  and say hi I shall head back before the sun gets to sleep for there are Hyena’s in the area and I do not want to be their supper tonight.

So writing this blog four wild pigs which we call Vlakvark silently sneak up to nibble on the green grass on our lawn, it hasn’t rained here for a while and the bush is extremely dry. Our drinking hole has been busy all day the animals are really battling here but for the ones in the vicinity of the water hole they can quench their thirst and have a bath. My sister and her awesome kiddies will appreciate this description for they were too recently here and could also experience the wonders of the bush.


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