Go Pappa Bear Go

Go Pappa Bear Go

So my great dad is out of the theatre from his hip replacement operation all good but he did give the Anesthetist a scare or two apparently he had a minor allergic reaction where they inserted the drip didn’t go down too well so they had to pull a rabbit out the hat and pull strings. Well done to the surgeon and all the doctors, nurses and high care staff. After his operation he was wheeled strait into high care to rest and allow his body to get over the shock of yet more titanium being inserted into his body of steel.

My dad is like a bag of steel nails he cannot be broken or hurt- well this is what he thinks but in reality he needs to look after those warn parts a bit better. Whilst I am there I will drum this into his head. ‘Dad you have to get to the doctor for a check-up more often ‘I do know the outcome though all he will say is I am fine ‘oh and while you’re up pour us a doppie. ’Once I have made my case I shall pour that wine and Old Brown Sherry so he can be merry again. I shall then not go down that road again as I would like to stay there with him a while whilst he heals. A happy dad is so much better than grumpy and sore but he will get better each day and I do know that he will be up and about after no time at all. My dad can handle the pain and I know he won’t moan and grunt too much I will just try to be quiet and calm I have to so that I don’t place too much weight upon his shoulders.

I think this is the fifth operation on major parts of his body and the third bit of titanium being thrust into joints. Both knees and his hip have been replaced so I say well batted dad. I wonder if he had to take a swim in a large deep pool if he will sink with all the titanium. Sink or swim he, he well I won’t be going down that road either.

I am really excited to get to the farm and see him again well now I can do the looking after for once now I can come to his aid and just be there for him. The sad part of me going up to him is that I have to leave my wife behind but the time I will be there will be good for Ange to just rest and relax a bit. Have a break from TBI.

My beautiful Ange has done so much for me and my dad she has really gone out of her way paying the bills and just making sure the behind the scenes are all sorted. I do know that without her my dad would have really been stressed out Ange is my rock star she is amazing.

Thank you so much Ange you are amazing.

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