A Special Woman

A Special Woman

My name is Bevan Oschger in 2015 on the 12 August I was involved in a hit and run where I suffered great injuries to my body including my brain (TBI) I was then left to die on the side of the road. A very special woman came to my rescue and saved my life this story is not about me but about that amazing woman and how she has to fight each day for her love and herself from breaking for TBI affects the ones closest to the injured person so much more.

I was working away from home when suddenly on that difficult evening Ange received a call telling her that Bevan has been in an accident ‘He is alive but unresponsive’. These words would set off a roller coaster world of emotional turmoil for Ange. Today two and a half years later we are together and happy this is all because of Ange. I say happy but there is so much stress which I unintentionally place upon my wife’s shoulders stress which I do not understand due to my TBI but it is there. Ange heads off each morning to work but as she leaves she sighs in relief for last night was another difficult evening. All of Anges free time is now tied up and the only way to relieve some of the tress is just some quiet alone time away from TBI. People do not understand this invisible injury and they always ask how is Bevan doing but actually they need to ask Ange how are you doing? I can try explaining all the difficulties we have but it will take long.

In a few weeks from now I will be with my dad as he gets through a tough time after his hip operation whilst I am away Ange can get some peace and rest. Ange please allow this time to recharge and just know that what you have done and do for me each and every day is amazing you are the strongest woman I know. I am so sorry for all the stress I place upon your shoulders just know that I love you to the ends of the world forever. I said I would never ever want you to be alone again but this time is a time for you to rest and have alone time that you need so much. Enjoy this time look after yourself and rest.

Thank you for what you do for me and us.

I love you so very much Ange.

Kiss kiss xxx

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