A Way Out

A Way Out

We all have our exit plan- an emergency escape route some way of just being able to get away for a while whether it is from a difficult day at the office, a long week or an extremely testing year we can devise a plan in a few minutes of thought. Done ‘whilst on the way home I will swing past the pub to get a couple of beers’ I think to myself as leaving the office. Once a month we can slip away for the weekend to a close retreat just for some clean air, a moment to reboot. Not for me though as I cannot drive I have no money and I cannot even think of these luxuries- I don’t really need them as I don’t have the stress of work which takes its toll but every now and then it is nice to spend some time away from the safety of our home.

I have a problem with cell phones for some reason they just don’t seem to like me holding them they often enjoy testing me by throwing themselves in whichever way they feel as hard as possible on the floor where I am standing. Well truth be told this is because the left hand side of my body is just slower than the right, also my right hand is a bit broken all compliments of being involved in a hit and run and coming out on the shitty side of the stick.

The other day I tell Ange I will get out today I will walk to the local mall for some time away from home. That’s fine Ange says’ just keep your phone with you so I can get hold of you.’ I walk to the mall but as I leave I notice my phone is beeping due to its time spent falling to the ground but in a second that thought has been placed into the abyss. Anyway I walk for four hours I get home and place my phone on charge. Not long after it has charged and is on again Ange is shouting at me ‘you can’t walk for so long without me being able to contact you ‘Ange shouts with a scared tone.

For me today was just being able to have a nice stroll to have some way out of our home but I know I have to keep in touch with Ange even though I know I am safe I understand now as I write that she worries about me and I know my way out and about must be with my love it’s okay i will try stay at home who needs a cell phone anyway.

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