Goodbye 2017 Welcome to 2018


As in life all shall come to an end an end is needed for a beginning a beginning a time for rebirth a time to grow and prosper. Jeez I sound like a prophetic writer… Well in truth we all do need a new start just to dust off the cobwebs and get on with life in which ever manner needed. Just so happens that it all gets done on the year end which is the calendar of the Christian world. All of religions based on one religion working and timed according to the birth and death of one man. I guess in truth we are all of one life one beginning we are ultimately all the same. The human race is one race one blood line.

My seventh book I am now writing still needs a title but I am ten thousand words in to it already. This is my first sequel book so for now the title of the first book “The Beginning”. This book is based on historical people who have changed the way the world is now, certain people needed to change outcomes to keep the human race on track to do… with a twist I may add a good twist. Now though I need to get my first completed book edited which Ange has started to arrange it seems Ange has found an editor to complete this task so I look forward to 2018 perhaps my first book shall be launched in South Africa and too on Kindle worldwide. Seem as though I do have followers in fifty countries around the world they might be interested where my broken brain started, that is me not my blog. Lol.

2017 has been both difficult and exciting I found new ground my brain has healed an immense amount and my body is becoming stronger. Ange made it possible for me to complete the New York Marathon she was the one who had the strength to get us there and to get me through the greatest marathon in the world with a medal. I dedicate 2018 to my beautiful Ange I will keep 2017 in my mind for many reasons but the biggest part of that I will keep safe away from the abyss. That deep, dark place which has and still continues to swallow up most of my life but it will not swallow up the new memories I have of my most beautiful mom. I love you mom now and forever.


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