Sitting in the dock of the bay wasting time wasting time, my version of this song by using the same lyrics; sitting on the stoep at the farm watching game watching game. What a great tune just chilling taking in life doing whatever you need and want to at any time in any way. Ange and I sit at Drakensig with my dad Thomas. “What do you need me to do dad” I ask- well there it came “first my son I need you to” …my dad is battling with his hip so getting out of bed is a real struggle for him. My first task was to put together some kind of lifting device to just get out of bed in the morning and then to sit down in his favourite chair whilst he has a first cup of coffee.

Lifting device done! It takes me a few hours and I manufacture an awesome device, I have certainly not lost my ability to think out the box. My dad is elated and pleased that I could do a small task which just helps him with everyday life. Now as I write this Ange and dad sit at the table they have set up a business meeting so my dad can become computer literate, it seems to be going well soon now he shall step into the 21st century thank you Ange. I now get to complete the many tasks which my dad is struggling with I enjoy them all it gives me great pleasure to just be able to help in any way I can. There is a mini bus service which leaves Oliver Tambo Airport every day at seven am one of the stops is at Three Bridges restaurant just a few kilometers from the farm gate which I will now catch every now and then to just come up to check on my dad and complete odd jobs which he battles with. Mostly though I can just come to visit and check that my dad is doing okay. I cannot afford to catch the mini bus up so whilst we discuss this so my dad offers to pay to get me up he would love this and it will be good for both of us.



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