Celebrate Life

Celebrate life

Every now and again we get the chance to relax- to really relax we can let our hair down and leave the hustle and bustle behind. December is a great time of the year for many reasons but for me it is a real opportunity to just watch my beautiful wife relax and unwind. Ange has had a nasty couple of years she has had to pull energy from the deepest of places to just carry on doing what she does so well. Ange has had to really dig deep to just get through not only a hard day at the office but a difficult evening with her injured husband. There is no rest for Ange as she gets home she has me talking non- stop for hours.

Ange and I love each other dearly but still I do know I am hard work  I do not actually understand the huge weight I place unintentionally upon her shoulders in the moment it is only a day or so later that I realise I am not always easy to handle. Saturday morning at 4 am we will leave for the farm to spend Christmas with my dad who just needs family around at this time. We both love being at NIBEDON, Drakensig it is so peaceful and calming it rests the over worked body in so many ways one will only understand once there. As we pull into the gate my dad will be waiting with a huge smile drawn right across his face elated and thrilled that he can now spend time with close family. Now through the holidays he can have a good time we can all and talk and talk. This for me is a perfect way to celebrate life, Ange my dad and I awesome. As we leisurely relax and just chill out I will be keeping my dad busy so now Ange can get some needed rest. Most of us don’t really get many opportunities to really relax so when it comes along we should take full advantage and use the time wisely.

I will leave those bits of me which I do not like behind and go into 2018 refreshed and start the New Year slightly different. I need to free my wife from the heavy weight which I place on her shoulders I need to take extra care so that Ange can have a great year, I will try my best I know I will as I am writing about my thoughts which tells me I’m understanding better I am healing faster and faster. We will celebrate life and get stronger, I love you dearly Ange thank you for all you do and have done for me and us have a great 2018.


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