Soon Dad Soon

Soon Dad Soon

Seven o’clock in sunny South Africa. Soon Ange and I will wake up in the bush amongst the big five at the farm. We do not wait for the sun to rise and then wake up we get up before and enjoy the cool thirty odd degrees for once it opens its eyes we feel the heat of our orange ball- properly. The swimming pool is there and all ready for the onslaught of hot bodies to lie daily in its cool waters sipping away on a beer or a cider. December it is hot in the bush real hot the air is dry and the bugs are out in vengeance just waiting to attack in mass. This may sound like a really bad place to spend a Christmas but it is amazing for once one is there you totally understand and your body begins to relax.

My dad calls our farm Dr Parsons as it was named Parsons when the Eastern Transvaal was divided up so that name has remained and the doctor is for the healing powers of our farm. Once a person sits amongst the wild bush there are no hooters or the sounds of vehicles in the background even the sounds of people disappear. There is only one sound- that of the bush. A few years ago there was no electricity so even the sounds of a kettle boiling came from gas or a crackling fire the highlight of the day was cuddling around a campfire listing to the night life and watching the hundreds of shooting stars shimmer through the night sky. Once sitting around the campfire for ten minutes we all became Hypnotised by the orange flames dancing with joy, our heads would slip down to our ankles and we would then know it is time to wonder off to bed to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Well if the window was left open there was then no chance of sleep as the bugs were everywhere just the noise they made when flying around a person’s head would destroy the rest needed.

Four days to go and we shall visit doctor Parsons, we shall allow him to heal our souls and get back the silence we need to get through another year.

Soon dad soon.

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