Remembering I Forgot

Remembering I Forgot

One year ago I would have never remembered that I wanted to do a small task say ten or fifteen Minutes earlier but that I had forgotten to actually do it but now as I remember… for the second time I go ahead and complete the task; put the milk back in the fridge a simple task but yet it’s necessary. Now though time is bringing me a great gift- that is my short term memory yes still in bits and pieces but it is appearing. I still suffer greatly from short term memory loss it lives with me each and every day right there right by my side. People I meet comment once I tell them that memory loss is just part of my TBI, my invisible injury there first comment is oh don’t worry we all suffer from that I forget where I put my keys all the time.

Yes okay I actually really don’t enjoy these kinds of responses I know everyone forgets something now and then or when you are over sixty one forgets more often as usual but this is normal according to most. Do people just do this to make me feel better to make me feel as if all is fine and I should not really worry about my ‘brain pain? Its not TBI its normal.

Remembering that I have actually forgotten to do a task is productive it is in my mind healing in progress it is knowing that I am really getting better after all. I then walk to the kitchen to wash a dish and it is full of smoke. Why do I ask myself and I open the oven to find that is on high and I was baking muffins which should have been turned off an hour ago and never been turned to high in the first place. I become sad and my moment of happiness for I thought I was becoming so much better fades away until the next great moment. It’s just fine for as long as I do have these great moments it’s a win for me.                  `

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