Drakensig – loosely translated from Afrikaans to English; view of the Drakensburg which is South African .Afrikaans is the youngest language throughout the world brought here by Van Riebeek and his Dutchmen as they landed in the Cape of Good Hope, I wonder if Gold Members fore fathers were on one of those vessels and I wonder if that is why there is so much gold in South Africa. There is a story about the missing Kruger rands which are gold coins Van Riebeek hid perhaps it was gold members jewels and not that of Van Riebeek anyway.

Okay enough about Gold member that is just fiction and I have to get Austin Powers out of my head now… but maybe it is Gold Member’s family’s jewels- just maybe. I think I have just found my new favourite movie which is so stupid but so funny.

My father’s family farm is in Parsons in Limpopo province it overlooks the Northern Drakensberg and from the patio one can see Lions head, a part of this great mountain range also believed to be one of the youngest mountain ranges in the world. I love it there and maybe I will die there as my granddad did. Well my accident happened just below this point of the mountain range so it is truly close to my heart. My beautiful mom passed away in the area this year and my father will be spending his first Christmas alone I do not want him to be alone so Ange and I will be there with him on this sad time and we will celebrate my dear mothers life just have an awesome time in the bush. Parsons is part of Balule which is part of the greater Kruger Park the big five roams freely around. As one sleeps the sounds of Hyena laughing and the roars of Lion sound loudly through the walls this is an amazing feeling although loud and close it still is peace full and relaxing.

Ten days to go now and we will arrive at my father where I know his face will light up as we pull in. I am allowed to drive the fifteen kilometers of the sandy road from the main gate to our home which I cannot wait for even though I do know it will put Ange on high alert. Ange has given up on saying no I cannot drive on the sand road I think it is just because I beg her the entire way , ‘please, please babes let me drive just a little bit I promise I will drive well’. I cannot wait to see my dad’s face and to be away from the hustle and bustle with my most amazing wife. December is here the holiday’s for us are about to begin.



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