I Am No Longer a Victim of My Own Disability

I Am No Longer a Victim of My Own Disability


I am no longer a victim of my own disability and I have myself which is strong and sound and a most amazingly strong woman by my side and we will  live a long and great life together.  You are my life yes you Angela Jill Oschger you are my life and my love. I could never have made it this far without you. If it weren’t for you I would be a person living in a dark lonely world just waiting to die. Now though I feel as if I have found myself and I am happy, I am healing and I am strong. My TBI will be with me for the rest of my life that is okay for I am finding a way to deal with this invisible injury.

There are moments where I explode and do not understand certain feelings and emotions but that does not mean I am a cockroach which should not have a voice and knows nothing in fact I know more than what people think I do- much more. Yes it is true I do not accept anything less than what I believe people offer me perhaps this is that certain people think just because I have a brain injury that I am less than what they are and they can take advantage of me. Well news flash I see you and I read you so well it actually frightens me since my accident I know a person the moment I speak to them I feel the negative or positive attitude of them in an instant.

Since my accident I have taken my wife to New York City where she was able to live out one of her all time dreams- to eat a hot dog on the cities busy streets. I have run the New York Marathon and got myself a medal fighting a broken body from the start of this challenging race. I completed the marathon where thousands of others could not. I have given two inspirational talks, I have written one book and I am busy on my seventh, I have a blog with way over fifteen thousand hits I am known in over forty five countries worldwide. I am a voice for TBI I am no longer a victim I will not be seen as disabled- don’t diss me I’m able. I will strive in my life and I will not be silent… ever I will not let TBI break me.

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