Sitting, Staring, Waiting

Sitting, Staring, Waiting

Sunday morning early- very early the sun has not yet risen and I am bored- very bored. I know what I need it is a few heavy evenings out just to party until about three or four in the morn or until I fall down or pass out that way I shall be able to sleep a whole evening. When the night skies light up from our beautiful moon I shall not wait for it as I sit and stare I shall be fast asleep in whichever position I had passed out in.

Seriously… no I cannot do that I am not that man anymore yes in the past I am sure there were many of those evenings but not now not anymore. In fact I would much rather sit up the whole evening watching the bright moon or my most beautiful wife as she gently sleeps. I have a problem with sleep now it is as if my brain has rewired itself, telling my body that we are fine we had a deep sleep just the other year and all is good. I am not worried for I get more to do in a 24 hr. day now and I will sleep when I am dead anyway.

Drinking till all hours of the morning is not my solution I can have a couple of beers but that is generally it and I am pleased about my new found love for little alcohol. I do enjoy spending an evening with my amazing wife out on our three or six hundred rand budget every now and then but generally we will have a few beers at home. I enjoy my time alone as I sit and wonder of the greatness of life I enjoy my quiet moments even I get tired of talking. I have been given the gift of life the real gift- living. I am not dead not yet and I shall be alive for a long time and whilst I am alive I shall sit and stare at the beauty around me I shall not wait to die I wait to live every day every night I am alive is a gift.

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