Headway talk

Headway Talk

My second talk in my eyes was generally okay, I wouldn’t say it was too much of a success I seemed to be all over the place. I did have a good evening but I can do better, much better I feel I do need some kind of coaching just to identify my weakness. TBI certainly shows up when i do a talk i am not scared or nervous i just get so confused it’s okay i will find a way.

My greatest asset is indeed my last two years or so of my accident and then getting up to tell my story which can be a motivation to others but if I do not deliver this in the correct manner it means nothing and I will not be able to get my point across. My beautiful wife put an amazing video together of my journey so far this I feel was the highlight of my talk. Once I had completed my talk I answered some questions from my audience I do feel this was also a highlight as I concentrated better on the actual questions asked. Perhaps I need some kind of direction to my talk but this is extremely difficult for me as I just cannot stick to the notes I have compiled. Notes I have recently done seem better and they have direction the difficulty for me is to understand the direction in which I go during the live talk. I now will take the positive criticism and use it to guide me better. Yes I say this now but I need practice to deliver a good talk.

Thank you to everyone for just being there my two kiddies supported me and this was special. All the Headway friends I will see you all in January have a great break and enjoy the holidays.




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