Dear Derek

Wow, my great friend i have known you for a long long time, time which now has passed gone away as you have but it is not time lost in fact it was times of love and strength for me. Recently, in fact yesterday i realized a part of my injury which i could not truly understand this was that my long term memory has been deceiving me. My neuro specialists have told me that i have probably lost my long term memory i argued this as i do know that i remember small bits of times from before my accident. Ange and i walked along Ballito’s beach and we passed a restaurant overlooking the sea Ange excitedly told me to look up and said do i remember we were here just months before my accident? I did not but i did remember Ange standing against the balcony where a thick rope twisted along the balcony railing but there was nothing else. Ange showed me a pic of this moment and then i realized i only remember pictures of my past which i have recently glanced through after my accident.

Pictures of my past are now the only memories i hold of my life before my accident. This now makes sense to me for i see many pictures of you and i enjoying life but deep in my heart i feel a void of a great man, a loss which will remain forever deep in my heart. Derek you joined the 29 club as did my beautiful mom and tubs all of you left us on the 29th day of the month.

I will miss you so very much but i have many, many great pictures of us two living life to the fullest.i will search and ask all my friends to send all the pictures of you. I shall keep these close to me and my new memory bank will not let go of them. Thank you for all those amazing memories you have left for me, you will be sorely missed i can now cry out in sorrow as i lovingly page through all the pictures. Go well and enjoy the time you now share with two other amazing souls. Your light is bonded close to mine and together we will always shine bright.

Your good friend


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