I Can and I Will

I Can and I Will

Today the 1st of December my wife and I will be flown down to Durban South Africa so that I can deliver a motivational talk to a group of school leavers about to venture out into the big, wide world. We have never met each other but once I have completed my talk I am hoping I would have made a difference in their lives. Perhaps they may be able to learn something from me and take that with them to carry them through dark moments they may find themselves in.

This is my first official motivational talk since I had decided that TBI will not knock me down it will not break me, I will use it to help others to show the world that if I can then so can they. I can and I will. Now as I sit here writing my blog I think wow this is really happening, tomorrow I will stand up in front of many young eyes and try to give them a little something which may help them as they venture out. Am I scared am I afraid – no I am not I am excited and full of life for the rest of my life has truly begun. Yes I have completed the New York Marathon, yes it was difficult and nearly broke me but it did not and neither will all the other obstacles which are thrown into my path. This is not an obstacle for me the obstacle is one which lies in front of all those school leaver’s, some of them have disabilities  too some were knocked down very early in their life and maybe they may take something from this man tomorrow that could make a big difference in their lives.

I am not going to live in the past and cry about my TBI my disability besides I am just differently able I am strong now stronger than a lot of people I know. I am strong and I will share and give my strength to those that really need it. I will make a difference in another person’s life I may to guide or help many, that is my dream. My dream is being realized because so many people have and are helping me to help others. I would love to name all of you but that will take long and you know who you are. My amazing wife has made a video of my journey to New York Ange will make many more as I go along, as I conquer more dark great mountains.

Thank you all so very much just know that it is all of you that help me that is helping others too.

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