Ending to Begin

Ending to Begin

As a good time comes to an end we are sad and feel disappointed father time has gulped up yet another great moment, tomorrow it will be back to the grindstone. We do not always understand that it is okay that the good time we have just had is now at an end. Now we can get back to an ordinary day, an ordinary lifestyle as we know it and then so look forward to the next great treat. New times and remembrance of the old there shall be many good times they shall open up in heaps and bounds almost as if a rewarded for many hard day’s work.

My wife and I found ourselves in New York this was certainly out of the ordinary for us a life dream for my wife and for me the start to the rest of my life – to run a marathon to promote TBI and help others to get up so that they can also start their lives. New York came to an end but I was not sad for I knew it was actually my beginning.

Back in Johannesburg after the New York trip I went to Headway for a day at rehab, I enjoy it there I have found many friends. Headway allows me to relax there is no judgement or bad looks for we are all the same. We are all fighting our own battle also helping each other to overcome many obstacles. Tina is one of our therapists, is one of my favorite classes Tina gave us a letter written by her thanking us of all we have done for her, this seems ironic for Tina is a light for us. Now the very people that carry the invisible injury give out their love and energy freely without even understanding or knowing it. Tina’s letter touched me it gave me an understanding of the great journey I had been traveling of the hard work I had in fact done this year. I now know that I too may enjoy a great December for I had in fact worked hard to heal. I shall be with the love of my life as we join my father on the farm for Christmas so he is not alone.

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