A Beer With an Old Friend

A beer with an old friend

Today at 1:30pm I shall be collected by an old friend we shall venture out to a pub which we both know well and have a beer or ten. Well in the old days it would be that but now the beers for me shall be a celibately three or so. Drinking has now a new meaning it is not about getting too drunk just about a good time. Ange will collect me later and then I can have a few drinks with my amazing wife just so she can get rid of the heavy week she has carried for both of us.

Every week is now heavy for Ange weather it is at work or when she gets home usually getting home is great for it is the end of the day and a time to relax but now for Ange it is a time to take care of her husband, he sustained great injuries after an almost death accident. This left him with many broken parts to his body –the most serious being that of a broken brain which is now healing but the process is long and tiring. TBI is a great injury to recover from one can recover but they will never be the same as before the accident and there are other issues arising from this invisible injury issues which only the love of their life can address. The experts say that as soon as the brain has been damaged it starts to heal it does heal but this takes time the easiest way to explain the recovery is that the one who has been injured is taken back to an infant stage in their life. For me now I am a forty eight year old male stuck with an infant brain, this was two years ago and I have made huge steps towards a recovery.  I do know that my recovery will be long and that I will never be the same man as I was before but this is okay as I do know about the Bevan that lived and was driven before his accident as each day I get bits and pieces back. The Bevan I know was strong and would not give up ever.

I completed the New York marathon which was an incredible achievement for me I had to dig real deep as I had injured myself early in the marathon so to complete it and come home with the medal I called upon the old Bevan for some help, help to just show me that I can get up and be strong. Today I shall sit with an old friend and enjoy some time I shall enjoy the day out and maybe today I shall be able to heal a little bit more.

Thank you Trent see you soon.


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