Thanks to all Who Helped a Dream Become a Reality

Thanks to All Who Helped a Dream Become a Reality

New York was certainly amazing I now know why people speak so highly of this great city. My beautiful wife Ange and I were totally in awe with its continuous hustling buzz. We managed to make the final payment thanks to all of you most of the money which came through my Backabuddy account were from people I don’t even know. I still cannot believe how so many just opened their hearts and donated from twenty rand to six thousand rand.

Running the New York Marathon has certainly changed my life it opened my eyes, it showed me that although I have a TBI I am still possible and I can do anything I put my mind to. Running a marathon was not something I would have even thought of doing before that difficult day my life changed forever. I was invited to participate in the marathon through Achilles running club and Justin Jeffries my bio kinesis. Justin started me in running to help me with my balance, my left side of my body is slower than the right and running helps me in so many ways.

I am now on a new path in my life that is to help others who themselves have fallen and are struggling to get up again. If I can help one person to get up I would have achieved more than anything I have done. To help another person overcome their difficulties is an amazing feeling it drives me to do more. I am speaking on the first Thursday evening of December at Headway Gauteng at six pm about my run in New York. Please come along and meet others who themselves battle the invisible injury every day of their lives. I will continue on my journey to help others in any way I can the New York Marathon has given me the strength to continue on my path. I really struggled to complete the 42.2 km run as I pulled my hamstring before the halfway mark and many of my injuries I had sustained in my accident came back to show me how hard it can really get. If the run was easy I would have not understood how one can overcome pain no matter how deep it cuts we just have to get up and carry on. Thank you all so very much for getting me there and just know that all of you who helped me will be helping so many more.


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