Six Hours and Fifty Minutes

Six Hours and Fifty Minutes

My official completion time for the New York marathon a disappointing six hours and fifty minutes I felt as I planned to complete my first marathon in less than five and a half hours. An epic battle for me was about to begin as Braam and I left our apartment at three thirty in the morning to catch one of the many buses which will transport me to the start.

Seven hours later the starter’s pistol screams out instantly the crowded road begins to shift towards the mighty Verrazano Bridge. I cross over the Hudson River and the rain pours down as if demanded by the fifty two thousand strong athletes. Fifteen kilometers into the marathon my hamstring gives in and crushes my fast stride to a walk and moments later to a painful hobble. My spirit is broken as I find myself in the medic tent two powerful emotions grip me the first was that of a broken man having to make the most difficult decision to step into the tent and be placed on the stretcher. I say to myself I shall not be broken and a saying my great friend gave me; no matter how hard it gets it is never hard enough pulls me up, the next emotion fills me with joy; the easiest decision I now make that is to stand up and walk out to soldier on to reach the finish line of the great New York Marathon.

I now know that the time I took to complete the first part of my journey is just perfect as a dream of mine has been reached. I managed to look deep into my soul and pull all my fighting spirit from deep down to get me strong, strong enough so that I can be an inspiration to others.

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