A Week From Now the Finish Line Awaits

Less Than a Week

Today is Sunday in one week I shall be on my way to complete the 42.2 km New York marathon. Wow life is exciting for Ange and I now, well life for us have certainly had its ups and downs over the past two years. Today though there is a light which shines bright very bright this time it is not the almighty train approaching from the end of the tunnel it is a light of joy and hope. Joy as both Ange and me shall be in arm’s length of grabbing one of our life dreams. For Ange it is to eat a hot dog on the streets of New York City and for me to complete the NY marathon and to start my journey as a TBI warrior. To be able to help another who themselves has fallen to this great injury to lift someone up just enough so that they too can grasp the wonders of life once again.

New York here we come do not fear us just open your mighty arms and allow us in to be able to breathe the good spirit which you show and give to the world. As we now pack our bags we are in awe of the great opportunity which has been given to us. We have been given so much we have been blessed by so many people they have opened their hearts and donated so much they have given us this opportunity thank you all for allowing us to achieve our dreams.

We will be posting videos and I will be writing of our trip all the way. Good times and how my road   to the rest of my life has begun to give TBI a voice. TBI is not stopping me, all those who fall to whatever knocks them down just get up again you can and you will.

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One thought on “A Week From Now the Finish Line Awaits

  1. Hi Bevan & Angie,

    God bless you both! Thank you for your strong indelible contribution to the TBI cause. I am confident that your heart is in this cause. Complete the course you have chosen today, tomorrow and into the future.There is no obstacle that you cannot conquer. Your campaign has great ramifications. Finish every day strong. But in everything you do stay at ease and relaxed.

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