TBI is Strong and Powerful

TBI is Strong and Powerful

Sixty five thousand readers will buy the Citizen newspaper; sixty thousand may read through the entire paper. Fifty thousand may read the headline of the article where TBI and I are a part of, perhaps fifty per cent of these may read the entire article. I could be wrong about the percentage so let’s say fifteen thousand readers will read about my journey and about TBI. Wow this means many thousand people may understand how a TBI affects so many more people than just that of the injured person.

My life journey has truly begun this is to give TBI a face, a voice, a reality that this invisible injury can happen to anyone at any time. I have a TBI but I will not allow this injury to take me down I will use my traumatic injury to help others to get up to allow others to see my journey and to know that if I could stand up so can they. One million viewers could see my interview when it goes on line perhaps ten per cent will watch the entire interview and realise that TBI is there and they may learn a life lesson from this that TBI is just an injury. They may understand that all of us who carry the invisible injury are as ordinary as they and we are just healing. They may see how strong we actually are and that we fight so much harder to overcome this beast. They may see us as an inspiration and not a disease which they could catch or be afraid of. Perhaps two hundred thousand people would understand just a little bit more how life can change in a split second and perhaps they can be more aware of how they go through life and how they treat a person that is just healing from and injury.

Perhaps I may be able to help one person stand up or inspire  another to help somebody close to them to get up… perhaps I may. On the first Thursday evening of December at 6 pm I shall be a guest speaker at Headway Hyde park I will tell all of my road to NY and of my story. Please support me, meet all of us who have a superpower.

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