Six Days

Six Days

Six sleeps or actually seven as we will be asleep for most of the flight to New York City we leave at nine pm from Oliver Tambo airport in Johannesburg and land somewhere in New York. I hope all that will see us there Grant watt an old friend of mine. Mike – Angie’s brother and his wife. Jackie- Angie’s cousin. Stacey and Jason-old friends of Angie’s and mine Stacey is one of Angie’s best friends who lives in Canada they will be flying over to meet us there and will spend some time with us.

We cannot wait this is going to be so amazing. We will be staying with them in New York whilst we spend a few days after the marathon just enjoying good friends and family. If it weren’t for some good people there we could not afford to stay a few days as money for us is just too tight. My amazing daughter has asked us if we could bring back her matric dance dress from New York city which will be so great. I get the opportunity to do something for Cammy. I am so lucky to be able to do this for my daughter just a little something that a proud father can do for his lovely daughter as he can’t do much for his kiddies anymore. Wednesday I will spend the day with my good friends at Headway just to receive a nice goodbye and a good luck wish. Monday morning I will have my last physical therapy lesson with Rosanne and her blessings for my marathon. As I run the marathon I will have all my friends and family’s thoughts in my mind also of all the amazing folks who have actually made this journey possible. My mission in life now to help TBI sufferers and all who I can is now becoming a reality.

Once we get home I will have to start again raising money to get the real work done. I know I will be successful for I know now that if I put my mind to it I can and I will. Soon now reality will really set in and then perhaps the feelings will set in. I hope New York is ready for us if not beware NY here we come.

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