Life’s important Lessons #1

Returning memories

I have remembered one of life’s most important lessons; it’s not about making money or believing that if you go to church all your sins will be forgiven or how to bring up your kids decent and healthy. It’s not about how to treat your wife and to love her to the ends of the world. Not about being a good person and always helping others. The most important lesson I have learned is:



The correct and only way to eat tennis biscuits is three or four at a time dipped into coffee and shoved as quick as one can into the mouth before the mush falls everywhere!

Even if a person has no taste this is still pretty good it just has to be done in private and wearing a bib and preferably not in a room where the carpet is brand new. it also helps if there are cats around that love the fallen mush… I cannot believe it has taken me two years to figure this out.

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