My official race number 18929! At 3am on the fifth November somewhere in New York City the real buzz would have started for me for I would have woken up or would have been awake for at least an hour or two. I would not have slept well who really can sleep well when the greatest marathon in the world is about to throw fifty five thousand runners across New York City. The race has several start times and several group divisions I believe I will start with the professional runners AWD start two (green) gee wizz no pressure there, none at all. I will just shout to those slow coaches ahead of me “move over I run straight and I run hard” I don’t think so with a broken brain, torn ligaments in two separate places my left ankle and my pelvis (although these are healing) I don’t think these body parts will be too happy as I run 42km.

As the starter’s gun screams loudly across fifty five thousand runners and over two million onlookers the vibe will be immense most of the onlookers may still be fast asleep or still busy in the streets in the city centre. They will hear the bang of the starter’s pistol or will hear the buzz as those that heard the echo of the start will be excited and loud, screaming and shouting. Their vibrant excitement shall travel throughout New York. The spectators will feel the rush as millions of New Yorkers start screaming and wait with bated breath for those first runners to race around the corner towards the finish line in Central Park. I shall be far back as those professionals cross that finish line, only six or seven hours later from the start shall I make it past that welcomed final point. Well I have run 21 kilometres before and at about 17km my body started crying out but I pushed and we finished. 42km may be slightly tougher but I can and I will complete this little Sunday morning stroll I must as I cannot let all those wonderful people down that have allowed me to get there.

I have figured out how to post on U-tube so I will post and post or my amazing two guides Lauren and Samantha will be asked by the man with a broken brain who they will guide across the finish line to do the honours. Well they are there to guide me and they are experienced runners so to even the field a bit I shall have to keep them busy. Sorry you two.

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One thought on “18929

  1. Bevan, you are a role model to so many people. Not just TBI or other brain injured people, but to all of us. Your positivity and fun shines through your blog. Your sharing is a tonic for us all.
    Keep us posted.We love your stories!!!

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