Happy Anniversary my Love

Happy Anniversary my love

Nine years ago I would stand at the bottom of an amazing garden staring up towards this most beautiful woman walking down toward me in a perfect white dress with the most perfect way about her. This was the beautiful woman I had met at a restaurant some time before that.

I walked into the restaurant and saw this amazing woman sitting with a friend. I sat further down but could not see her but if I leaned back in my chair I would be able to catch a glimpse of beauty. So I lean back in my chair and at the very moment Ange leans back in her chair to catch a glimpse of me our eyes meet and the love flows through us deep into our hearts. That was it a funny moment for both of us would now set us on a path of joy.

Ange has never left my side ever since that day even when I was broken and dying Ange made some extremely difficult decisions which she knew was the only way to save my life. So I now write this anniversary gift to the love of my life the one woman I cannot live without. The one woman that took my breath away the moment I had laid eyes on her. I write this as a gift to just let her know that you are the most amazing and special woman not only to me but to a whole lot of people. There are many words that can describe you here are a few; amazing, strong, beautiful, pretty, caring, loving, giving… There are so many I could fill a whole page just with special words for a special person. There was another man I know who was in love with you and I am extremely jealous of him this man was strong, kind and caring but he died and has gone. This man has come back as a new man to be with the love of his life as he could not leave as he would miss her even in another life.

I love you so very much Ange I love you for all you have done for me and all you still do for me I will love you till the day I die and beyond. Thank you so much for leaning back in your chair at the same time that I did that evening. I know we always laugh until we cry about that moment it was funny but it is actually amazing what can bring two people together. Also it is amazing what it sometime take for two people to remember how much they do love each other, what they will do to keep that love strong.

I love you so very much Ange xxx

I love you now and forever

All my love


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