Damaged but Strong

Damaged but Strong

New York is waiting for Ange and myself my fighting spirit will not stop me. Yes I have injuries-many in fact but I will fight harder my injuries will make me so much stronger they motivate me even more to complete the marathon. I have been given an ankle booty for my left foot which is fighting hard to recover from the torn ligaments sustained from my accident. It was thought that my ligaments had in fact healed whilst in my coma but they had healed in a lying position and due to my training have now been pushed to the limits.

Lauren and I will run tomorrow for the last time the next day Friday I shall visit my father up in Hoedspruit to wish him farewell. Once back in Johannesburg I shall rest for a week and then we are off to another country, the USA. My physical therapist has given me the all clear for now to run my last run once back from the farm Rosanne will give me a final check-up. Dennis tells me I am ready for that great race and that I should not push myself too much the problem is that I cannot wait to get on the road again but I have to just take it easy.

I shall be running the marathon as a disabled runner due to my TBI but I am making sure I do it in style I cannot just go over with a broken brain… no Bevan has to go over with many broken parts-all I say is bring it on.

Ange and I are extremely excited we have spoken now for many nights of all the great parts of NY City we shall see. I shall see plenty of it on foot once the marathon is complete we shall visit these places with friends who have paid for trips and have allowed us to stay over with them for a few days. This kindness has allowed us to be able to enjoy New York City once there, if it weren’t for them we would have to fly back as soon as the race was over for we could not afford this at all.

In truth if it weren’t for all of the great people that have donated to my cause I would not be able to do any of this I would not be able to help others up from whatever knocked them down. I would just be a statistic of a hit and run I would be a disability to my wife and others but now I am alive and have been blessed. Others have allowed me to get up I am so very grateful for their kindness. I am grateful to my amazing wife Ange who has stuck with me for nine years and through this most testing time Ange has given so much all her money now goes towards getting her husband strong again thank you my love. Ange herself has grown strong through my near end Ange is my rock star she is my hero.

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