A Runners Nightmare

A Runners Nightmare

Well so it would seem my injuries are coming back to remind me of the time I lay quiet and still on that difficult evening in 2015. They are coming back to remind me that they too were hurt and to just say that I need to now be more careful and remember the pain which I had forgotten. My left foot is now the first of many injuries to say no more thanks I will not carry you for one more kilometre. Actually I say you will I am the leader in this venture and I make the rules you cannot prevent me from completing that great marathon.

I do not understand the pain and difficult time I will have whilst running through New York I can only try think of the battle I will face and I know it will be difficult but I will complete the marathon. I do know now that it will not be in the five and a half hours I had initially planned. I had planned this time to complete the marathon for I had been offered to run the Comrades here in South Africa next year with my Bio Kinetics therapist Justin Jefferies. To be able to get entry to the Comrades this was the time I would need to complete the NY marathon in. Dennis says to me the time you complete the marathon in is not important you must just complete it I will complete it even if I have to crawl across New York City for two days. There will always be another opportunity I may get to do the Comrades if it does not arrive I will still know that I had planned to complete the 88km in South Africa so I will not be disappointed ever it will be motivated to do other daring and exciting ventures.

What can be more uplifting and inspiring than being able to complete the Comrades Marathon well living my life helping or inspiring others is so much more to do and to look up to it is important for me and for them? This is what I would like to do in my near future and I shall wear my New York Marathon medal proudly wherever I go for the whole world to see. The Comrades can wait others in need cannot besides I think the New York Marathon is a pretty great start.

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One thought on “A Runners Nightmare

  1. That’s no good Bevan , hope the ankle is recovered enough to not pose a problem for the NY marathon, it’s close by now and wish you all the best , you can do this , very proud of you my mate

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