Achilles Disabled Running Team

Achilles 2017 Disabled Running Team

The super ten will leave the South African Shores on the 29th October to run the New York marathon on the 5th November. The team of ten disabled athletes are running this marathon as would an ordinary athlete they will start at the same starting line and will complete the 42km at the finish as would all the athletes. There is no special treatment just because they are disabled. Yes they will take longer to complete the marathon but they will complete it. Achilles South Africa is the only team in the world that have had all their entrants complete the 42km through New York City.

Starting on the Staten Island side of the Verrazano Bridge and finishing in Central park the athletes run through the five boroughs of New York City. Proudly South African they will wear their countries flag at the start, through New York City and across the finish line. Why would a disabled team from South Africa even attempt this marathon? Well because they can, led by the great Dennis Tabakin they are in good hands and will not stop until the crowds stop cheering as they cross the welcomed finish line.

The ten athletes have had their fair share of bad fortune come their way in their life but on the 5th November they would have completed this marathon and would have done what many athletes can only dream of doing. This is not just a marathon for them it is a way to continue their battle in life to show all that they are possible to show the world that anyone can and will get up from their lonely road and be great. They can and so they will now continue on their path and be able to show all that yes they are disabled but they are able. The only disability in life is a bad attitude the only way to get up from a dark hole is to find the strength and to climb out in which-ever way possible. If we do not fight harder we get left behind and for us that is not an option. Perhaps an ordinary person will be inspired to get up from their lonely place too and say if that great team of ten disabled athletes can then so can I.

Good luck to these 2017 South African disabled athletes may you bring that medal home and wear it with pride may you inspire all that meet you to know that anything in life is possible you sometimes just have to fight harder. Those that do not believe know that we are strong so much stronger than they thought we were.


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