Bad Taste in my Mouth

Bad Taste in my Mouth

Today Ange’s mom asked us if we would like something nice and sweet to have from our local bakery as she was passing by. My mind leaves earth for a moment and gets pulled into the amazing world of drool and taste bud explosion that is exactly what I needed right now. The night has been long and empty – no sleep again. I think ooh donuts, apple pie chocolate éclairs, cookies, cream thingies Yum, yum yummiddy yum yum.

An hour or so goes by so slowly as if the earth has halted and all time is now in slow motion. After what seems like an eternity the gate opens and my fixed eyes glisten my mind is wondering what fresh joy lies deep in those bakery packets. Ten minutes later all the wonders of life is exposed first to be gulped down will be a warm apple pie and a donut smothered in caramel sauce I cannot wait I grab these sweet joys and sit comfortably on the sofa. My mind races as I shove the caramel coated donut deep into the unknown. At this stage it is far too late to remember that I have no taste and I will not even know what on earth I am gulping down without a breath if I did not see it first.

Too late the donuts diminishes by about thirty per cent in two bites I chew and swallow suddenly all my expectations are gone the two odd hours waiting have now been lost to nowhere. I forget that there is zero taste not now not ever the specialists say if it is not back in two years you can kiss it goodbye. All my love for the sweet wonders of life is gone too almost as if there is now a bad taste left in my mouth. This is just fine for I am alive and I now lie next to Ange and watch as she rests in quiet and that no one or nothing can take from me.

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