Team Achilles New York

Team Achilles New York

The closer I get to New York the larger the ball grows, the ball of excitement becomes so great it seems as if it will soon explode. I am soon to leave South Africa and put all my power into completing the marathon. There is pressure though not the stressful work kind where there is plenty on my plate and nothing has been done yet. I talk about the pressure I have created from my own mind, a new mind which has never experienced this kind of excitement before; a new mind which has never worked it has just been surviving and experiencing life day by day. I guess this is just my own self trying to understand life, understanding reality.

Understanding or identifying my feelings is new to me there is now a sense of reality which has started to kick in. My emotions have not been working too well since the accident. Life is extremely difficult for me I cannot really understand or control these weird feelings almost as if I am an infant and I learn each day as I live. Each day now is difficult for me for there is a huge amount of data I need to process as if it is the first time I am faced with this. I do know I have faced all these emotions before but they too have been moved to the deep, dark Abyss.

I am now really motivated to get all the training in that I can it is as if there is a machine working my body allowing me to continue on and on. This week I have run over thirty kilometers not including my outing to the top of North cliff ridge I get down when I am told I have to rest today but that is training have to get strong to get on. I have a video of a small part of my training please excuse the swearing for that is also part of this brain thing my TBI…GO TEAM ACHILLES.

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