Countdown to New York


Countdown to New York

Today the 11th October eighteen days before Lauren, Ange and I shall be sitting with great excitement in the lounge at Oliver Tambo airport, Johannesburg. Amongst us the president Dennis, Chairman Braam, Freddy the other Gauteng athlete of Achilles South Africa and his caregiver Freddy’s brother waiting for the arrival of the rest of our team from Durban.

Ten athletes in all shall take to the skies to complete the New York Marathon. Why has the excitement hit me now who knows? I do have one answer for yesterday my cell phone gave in this was the phone I had carried when I found the rough tar surface on that late afternoon when a vehicle overtook on a solid line around a bend and found me in its path. If my phone was not lying close to my broken body that call would have not been made and found its way to my last recipient dialed. Perhaps I would not be sitting here right now writing in excitement before the journey to the USA. My phone was damaged in the accident and held out until yesterday Ange then gave me her old phone I was sad that mine had now died. Today though I have let go of that last lifesaving item and it seems as if I have also let go of that difficult day which changed me forever. Yesterday my amazing sister Nicole wrote a note on Facebook it went something like this; Bevan you are amazing I cannot understand how you have been able to get up after such a devastating incident you are the only one who can do this we are just your support.

I cannot connect to Facebook on my new phone just yet so the message could be somewhat different. This does not matter for what I understand it to be is that I will complete the marathon and Nicole and others are just support. I see it differently I know that without all the people who have donated to me has in fact been the only reason why this is possible. Yes it will be me that runs and it was me that lost everything and gained a TBI but in truth I have overcome my difficult moment and it is time for me to now move forward. My life now is about helping others in whichever way I can life has always a twist waiting for us. Mine is just what it is so I now take that and allow it to strengthen me.

Thank you Nicole and everyone who is supporting me on my journey I shall not let you down, also and most importantly thank you to my two amazing kids my father and most beautiful wife Ange.


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One thought on “Countdown to New York

  1. Bevan, there is very little that can be said except well done, you are an inspiration. Kate, my wife, ran the NY City Marathon in 2000 and through a series of mishaps on my part I ended up running around NY trying to get to a sideline to see her. The bottom line is that I ended up seeing parts of the city I normally would not during the race that day and I can tell you, you are going to have the best time! The atmosphere, the excitement and the experience is something that you will treasure. But to think how hard you have worked to get there, harder then most, I am amazed. We will not be in NY in person, but will be sending every ounce of encouragement from Miami. Vat hom Frikkie!!! Well done buddy!!

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