Two great friends

Two great Friends

Life becomes extremely difficult when ones back is against the wall or we have made a mistake and cannot deal with an emotional issue. These are the times when we need a close friend or two for support, real support. When I say support I don’t mean just support in the form of money I know that well earned cash is difficult to part with what I mean is love and compassion.

I have many friends but I only have a few friends I can really count on for either money or compassionate support. This sound’s bad that one would need money from a friend but it does sometimes help to get a person back on their feet so they can get their life together again and one day repay the loan.  Recently I had a terrible accident this took me down hard it almost was my end, close very close. I came out of my coma and after I knew who I was or bits and pieces of the old me I wondered about friends, I seemed to only have one or two friends for no one came to visit to see how their friend was doing or if he just needed some support in whichever way he needed it. There were a few old friends and a few family members that helped me but I am shocked that I have so little good people who know me that just come to see how Bevan is doing and if he needs a hug or a little time to remember good times. My friends at Headway are great friends they are all new friends who have so much to live for these people are amazing.

I do not want to be a leach who takes money from friends or anyone I have not been able to get up and work and now need some money to get through this difficult time it is just fine as i will be okay I also know if you lend money to a friend do not expect to receive it back in the form of cash for the one taking a loan is doing this for he is down so he cannot pay it back for a very long time. If he doesn’t pay it back at all you know he or she is not a true friend. I had to raise money to get to the NY Marathon I am using this marathon as a platform to help others mostly to give TBI a voice. I had to have donations come in to get me there and the people who did and do donate know that this is not just for me it is to help me to help others and for this I am truly great full. I also know now that friends are far and few when one need’s them.even if it means a small donation for a greater cause one would expect your friends to help. I have two great friends which help me constantly; Ange and Jason thank you so very much for all you do for me. Ange is my wife the love of my life but she is my best friend who has gone out of her way to help me so much. I love you my dear Ange.



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